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Welcome to the Timothy M Poppaw, Appraiser's Internet Site. This site is developed as a tool and resource center for consumers, real estate appraisers, real estate agents and mortgage lending professionals. Please browse around. You comments are welcome.

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Our Mission

The Timothy M Poppaw, Appraiser estimates values of real estate in Southwest Ohio. Tim Poppaw, owner, performs the majority of all assignments, but does act in the capacity of lead and/or supervisory appraiser.

Long term goals are to provide appraisal related services and products for consumers, real estate appraisers, real estate agents and mortgage lending professionals.

Company Profile

The Timothy M Poppaw, Appraiser is a southwest Ohio based firm, which specializes in the estimation of value for real estate. This is primarily for residential real estate, but does not exclude commercial or industrial properties. Primary users of our reports are secondary market wholesalers, lending institutions, mortgage brokers and bankers.

However, consumers, relocation companies, and other real estate professionals have become an increasing source of work for us. Due to the demand for other appraisal reports, which assist in the the removal of private mortgage insurance, estimation of anticipated listing and sale prices for listing purposes, or buyers who want to become familiar with market values for property they have an interest to make an offer to purchase.

Many national appraisal management firms, that represent large mortgage lending companies, relies on the Timothy M Poppaw, Appraiser for appraisal reports in southwest Ohio.

The Timothy M Poppaw, Appraiser maintains an extensive up-to-date database of real estate sales, county real estate tax records, FEMA flood zone information, zoning information, census tracts and data, maps, plat maps, and Multiple Listing Service records, for most of the 12 counties in the southwest Ohio's county area.

Timothy M Poppaw, Appraiser accesses, subscribes and/or maintains membership or participation with local Multiple Listing Services; online databases of county records; National, State, and Local Boards of Realtors®; banking associations; and many known real estate or appraisal associations and organizations.


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Timothy M Poppaw

State of Ohio Certified General Real Estate Appraiser

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