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Timothy M Poppaw, Appraiser

Real Estate Appraisals in Southwest Ohio

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...By Using Listing Appraisals�
Experts agree, pricing a home is the key to selling.

  • Syndicated columnist Robert J. Bruss states
    "Price your home right and its half sold" 1

  • National trainer for real estate sales agents, David S. Knox,
    lists these seven benefits to proper pricing. 2

        1. Faster sale.
        2. Less inconvenience.
        3. Exposure to more prospects.
        4. Increased salesperson response.
        5. Better response from advertising and sign calls.

        6. Attracts higher offers.
        7. More money to sellers.

So, to assist you in setting the correct price for your listing we created a new service called the LISTING APPRAISAL�. Just as lenders are now prequalifying home buyers, now you can prequalify your listing to sell. LISTING APPRAISAL� gives you a complete summary appraisal report similar to those used by banks. You can use it to set your price, counter low offers and speed your listing to a sale.

Not only does the home seller benefit but the buyer also gets a discount if they use us for the CLOSING APPRAISAL. It saves them money, speeds closing and helps prevent last minute problems due to the appraisal. Take a look at the benefits LISTING APPRAISAL� will give you........
Have you ever met a homeowner who thinks their home is worth more than it really is? How do you bring them to reality and keep the listing? Let us do it for you. As part of your professional team, use us to bring them back on track. It saves you time, money and frustration.
Everyone has agreed on a price and you're ready to close, but the appraisal has come in low. Start the fire drill! Save the contract! Odds are slim you'll get the appraisal changed, so you must convince the seller to lower the price or buyer to pay more --- either way it's a bad situation. Avoid this last minute disaster by knowing the appraised value up front.
Everyone knows a house in good condition sells faster. So how do you convince the seller their home needs cosmetic improvements without insulting them? Let us do it. Use our "needed improvements" list as leverage to get the fixin's done.
Were a lawsuit-crazy nation. A low listing price or too high of a selling price could spark against you. Why put your career and future on the line? Let us reduce your legal liability by being the valuation experts.
We're fast. We'll deliver a LISTING APPRAISAL� within 7-10 business days. And if you use us for the buyer's appraisal we'll turn that around in about 3 business days. Fast? Yes, but never at the sacrifice of quality.

They get a professional appraisal which can be used to counter low offers and speed the home to closing.

BUYER WINS- They see the value up front plus save on closing costs and time if they use us for the purchase appraisal.

AGENT WINS- Because everyone else wins, resulting in good referrals, equaling more sales.
We don't just stop at the LISTING APPRAISAL� ---our service is full circle. Once you sell the house the buyer will need a closing appraisal. It's similar to the LISTING APPRAISAL�, but must be completed according by the lender's guidelines. Since some of the work has already been done, we'll do the closing appraisal for a discounted price. Plus, we do it in just a few days, not weeks. Having us do the closing appraisal saves the buyer money, you worry, and everyone---time. It's full circle, from front to back, to serve you. The closing appraisal is not available to government insured or funded loans such as FHA, VA or Farm Home Loans.

We accept payment for the LISTING APPRAISAL� by check or cash at the time of inspection, or when the order is placed. Prices are subject to change without notice, call to confirm. This report cannot be used for financing or refinancing purposes. If you desire to use the report for a different intended use, then additional fees will be charged and/or collected and may require reinspection of the property.

1R.J. Bruss. 10 key steps to a quick house sale, The Virginian-Pilot Aug. 26, 1995
2 D.S. Knox. Pricing your home to sell. David Knox seminars. Minneapolis, MN. 1991.

Listing Appraisal� is a registered mark used by permission.
Listing Appraisal� is a registered mark used by permission.



Ordering a LISTING APPRAISAL� is easy.
Either you or your client can call, fax, or email your order.


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