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Most home owners are amazed to learn that there are two methods by which Private Mortgage Insurance can be canceled.

In some cases less than a year after purchase.
Yet the overwhelming majority of consumers pay PMI needlessly year after year.
Sometimes until the end of the mortgage term.

New loans created during latter part of 1999 will be given notice of when PMI can be remove as a result of new federal legislation.


Because nobody told them they didn't have to.
Your Private Mortgage Insurance carrier will not tell you when you can cancel.
Most banks are honest enough to admit that they will not tell you either.

It's your responsibility. So, where do you go to find out?

You could take a week off and research this yourself .

The applicable guidelines are almost impossible to find.

Most university libraries don't have them.


Call or write to your mortgage service department and request an application to remove it.
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You can also check out the comparables sales in your area.

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